Living Better Podcast – Ep. 38 – How Sarah Palmer DeFrank Rewrote Her Story

Sarah Palmer DeFrank has been many things: Single mom. Broke graduate student. Chef. Overweight. Unhealthy. Unhappy. Listen and learn how she used CrossFit to rewrite her story. How Sarah Palmer DeFrank Rewrote Her Story Sarah used to cry at her kitchen table after workouts. She thought she was no good, and couldn’t understand how it […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep. 37 – 500 Days of Food Tracking

In this episode, CrossFit Hale coach Wendy Medina tells us about her experience tracking everything she’s eaten for the past year and a half. 500 Days of Food Tracking When Coach Wendy started tracking her daily food intake, her goals were simple. “I wanted to feel better and perform better in workouts,” she said. While […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 36 – Un-retirement with Phil A

When Phil came in to Hale, he was thinking about retiring. When I asked him about his goals, he said he wanted to get in the shape he was in his 20’s and 30’s. He wanted to lose a few pounds and feel better overall about his health and his body. What good is retirement […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 34 – Losing 50 at 50 – Meet Edison

“It’s the closest thing to feeling like a kid again” – Edison Murillo Talk to Edison and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself. His enthusiasm and happiness infects everyone around him in a way you can’t measure. He makes you feel good about life. You’d never guess that he has been up since 3:30 […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 33 – Food, Fitness, and Family – Meet David

David’s whole kitchen was flooded. After a heavy rain in Port Costa, the creek filled up and started flowing right through the kitchen of his Bull Valley Road House. Worse, it happened right in the middle of his Christmas party. So they went from drinks and celebrating to buckets and bailing water. It was a […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 31 – Putting in the work – Meet Angie

We couldn’t put our finger on what we liked about Angie the first time we met. Her passion, knowledge, and experience was clear, but there was something else…something that stood out and made us think “we need her at Hale”. You get clues about it when you hear the story of how she sold everything […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 29 – How Nancy got fit in her 60’s

Running 100m seemed like a mile In one of Nancy’s first workouts, the coach said “run 100m, then do some other stuff” (kb swings, squats, etc) She had zero concern about the “other stuff”, but that run… Before she found CrossFit, Nancy had been walking about 3 miles each morning. She’d never run more than […]