“If you want to eat bags of Hot Cheetos, you need to do some running” – Wendy’s mom

Wendy’s athletic career started with a simple rule her mother made to get her out of the house. She started with sports like soccer and running, but eventually she found her way to 24 hour fitness.

Not wanting to go alone, she dragged her sister Lilly along with her…

They would go as often as they could, but they HATED it. Every single day was a struggle, convincing Lilly to go with her only to end up waiting 30 mins to get on a treadmill or a Stair Master.

Eventually they found their way to Hale almost 5 years ago and it changed everything..

Both Lilly and Wendy are now coaches at Hale, and have been part of its fabric since the beginning.

Learn more about Wendy and her journey in this week’s living better podcast.

In this episode, you will learn:

* Where our powerful duo of Medinas got their start & how shy Lilly was on day one
* What helped Wendy make progress so fast
* How a 10 min workout on the first day changed Wendy’s thinking about what “fitness” is
* What she LOVES about coaching
* Where Wendy gets her confidence.

It’s really easy to look at coach Wendy and assume that it was easy for her, but in this episode you’ll get to see her in a whole new light.

Check it out.

Coach Jay

PS – We had a lot of interest in our Advanced course this weekend from all types of athletes. Some of you said you wanted to do the course that you wanted to work with/get familiar with the barbell.

So we are running another 3 week course starting next Tuesday called “Basic Barbell”. The goal of this course is to get you comfortable with the barbell movements you see on a regular basis at Hale (Squats, Deadlifts, Presses, etc).

It will be 3 weeks long, each class will be 60 mins, and it will run starting Tuesday Nov 13 (next week), going through Tuesday Nov 27 at 6:30pm each evening.

Cost is FREE for members. If you’re interested, send a note to jay@crossfithale.com and let me know. We require 8 people minimum to make it go….It will not get in the way of your normal training, if you want to do it after class.

PPS – If you haven’t signed up for the advanced course and still want in, it starts THIS Saturday at 6:30am. If you don’t sign up, you’re not in…We have 2 spots left, so let me know if you want in @ jay@crossfithale.com

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