In this episode, CrossFit Hale coach Wendy Medina tells us about her experience tracking everything she’s eaten for the past year and a half.

500 Days of Food Tracking

When Coach Wendy started tracking her daily food intake, her goals were simple.

“I wanted to feel better and perform better in workouts,” she said.

While previous experimentations with restrictive diets left Wendy feeling sluggish in workouts or failed to yield results, tracking her intake to meet specific macronutrient targets allowed her to adjust her diet mindfully to reach her goals.

After almost two years of diligent logging—even on “treat days”—Wendy has reduced her body-fat percentage, gained muscle mass and has a healthy relationship with food.

“I feel great, and I feel like I am able to maintain a healthy diet while still enjoying foods and enjoying life.”

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How daily food logging can help you reach your goals.
  • Tips and techniques for making logging manageable.
  • Unexpected positive side benefits of tracking your food.

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