Running 100m seemed like a mile

In one of Nancy’s first workouts, the coach said “run 100m, then do some other stuff” (kb swings, squats, etc)

She had zero concern about the “other stuff”, but that run…

Before she found CrossFit, Nancy had been walking about 3 miles each morning.

She’d never run more than 1/2 mile in her life.

At 56 years old, she asked herself. “should I even be doing this?”

After 3…2…1…go, she took off running.

Not exactly like a rocket, but she ran!

20 mins later, when the workout was over, she had run 500m total. Not even half a mile.

But she did it.

THAT was the moment she knew she could do CrossFit.

This week on the living better podcast, Nancy

10 years later, she’s only gotten better. At a time when most people decline in health, she’s stronger than ever.

Since that day, she’s
– finished several 5k’s,
– finished a Half marathon,
– Deadlifted 200 lbs
– Competed in the CrossFit games
– Finished a 10 mile obstacle course race

Check out her inspiring story and learn how she did it.

This is one of my favorite interviews yet.

Coach Jay

PS – Full disclosure, Nancy is my mother, and it gets a little emotional at times…so if you want to hear coach Jay get a little uncomfortable, listen to the end.

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