Look at the leaderboard on a given day, and you’ll likely see Cullen’s name somewhere near the top.

When he trains, he moves at a different pace than everyone else.

But he’s not a natural.

Despite his athletic background, the path to success has NOT been easy..

Today, we get to hear Cullen’s story.

From the beginning of his CrossFit Journey, when he was scared sh*tless about using the barbell, to when he gained 80 lbs and then turned around and lost it, and how he still gets nervous before a workout every day.

Cullen is one of our best athletes, and one of the nicest guys you’ll meet.

In this episode, Cullen shares his journey from gym goer, to athlete, through putting on a bunch of weight and depression, back to being an athlete again.

In this episode, you will learn:

– The mindset you need to get started
– How to learn humility and deal with your ego
– What constitutes success when you first start
– How to bounce back with “life happens”
– The best way to get started when you’re not quite ready

There’s so much from Cullen’s story that you can apply to your life that you MUST listen to this one.

Check it out

Coach Jay

PS – We could have gone for another hour with this one. We’re definitely doing a part two, so if you have questions for Cullen, email us at info@crossfithale.com.

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