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“It’s the closest thing to feeling like a kid again” – Edison Murillo

Talk to Edison and you’ll walk away feeling better about yourself. His enthusiasm and happiness infects everyone around him in a way you can’t measure. He makes you feel good about life.

You’d never guess that he has been up since 3:30 in the morning to work all day before coming in to work out.

Or that he narrowly escaped death in a civil war in his homeland

Or that he was almost 50 lbs heavier when he started and scared to walk through the door.

Edison is a true success story, he’s turning 50 this year and is in the best shape he’s been since he was a kid!

Normally I’d have a ton to write about, but Edison says it all better than I ever could!

Check out his story in this week’s Living Better Podcast.

Coach Jay

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