Living Better Podcast – Ep 27 – Meet Mike

When I first met Mike we were 18, and he fit the picture I had in my mind of an engineering student during freshmen year of UC Berkeley. He was super skinny, had really long hair cut exactly like Bruce Lee, and slept on Star Wars bed sheets.’ He had moved in next door to […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 26 – Living Better is back!

It’s over 500 days since our last podcast. But we’re back! Click here to check out our latest episode. In those 500 days, we’ve: – Finished more than 1000 workouts – pushed the sled more than 250 miles – lifted more than 1,000,000 pounds – enjoyed exactly 0 burpees The point is, a lot has […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 25 – How to lose 100 lbs in 8 months

⌃⌃⌃ This subject line seems like a joke. You’re thinking: Even if it’s true, it’s gotta be an extreme starvation diet, or the result of surgery or pills. Nope. Just do the basic stuff well over time, and you WILL get results. This is what makes Kim’s story so amazing. She has legitimately lost almost […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 23 – How to make up your own travel WOD

Back when you used to go to the globo gym, did you ever go with no plan at all? You walked in and just sorta “did stuff”? Start with a little cardio… Then, “oh, my favorite squat machine is available, I’ll do that” You do a few sets of a few reps, then move on […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep22 – How to deal with soreness

Wow 4 days in and you’re already HELLA sore. Walking down the stairs, using the bathroom… Putting your arms over your head It all HURTS! The worst is when you’re sitting in a chair and your spouse comes by to give you a neck/shoulder rub. “Get your hands off my traps!!!!” Soreness is a common […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep20 – How Priti makes it all work

When Priti gets nervous, she talks. “Damn, that’s heavy” “There’s a lot of running today” “We’re doing squats again? After Monday? Are you serious right now?” You can tell when she’s REALLY nervous about a workout, because she talks to herself. “ok, you’ve got this”, “let’s go”, “one rep at a time” One thing she […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep18 – What we learned doing 10,000 burpees

Recently, Coach Heidi and Coach Jay finished our 10,000th burpee in 100 days. 100 burpees per day for 100 days. It was part of a challenge…more of a bet, that both of us lost. The bet was, can we hit PR’s on 4 different workouts back in July during our Hero challenge. We agreed that […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep16 – Mind over Muscle

What makes a good athlete? Is it background? Knowledge? Do they have to grow up playing sports? After working with thousands of people, we’ve found that the best athletes all have one thing in common. The right mindset. Sometimes the people who you’d think need the most help are the ones who thrive, and the […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep14 – Is it ok to do CrossFit while pregnant?

With Coach Tina a few months away from giving birth, one of the questions she gets often is. Should I work out while pregnant? When people see pregnant ladies lifting or carrying things, it’s common for them to say: “Is that safe?” “Should she be doing that?” “That’s heavy! Let me help you with that!” […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 13 – Goals vs Habits

When people first walk into the gym, they always have a goal. “I want to get fit” “I need to get strong” “I’ve got a wedding coming up, and I want to look good” Those goals are a great place to start, and often we can use that initial motivation to achieve amazing things…but what […]