We couldn’t put our finger on what we liked about Angie the first time we met.

Her passion, knowledge, and experience was clear, but there was something else…something that stood out and made us think “we need her at Hale”.

You get clues about it when you hear the story of how she sold everything she owned and moved to California, or how she trained and finished the St Georges Ironman triathlon, or all the jobs she’s had and adventures she’s been on.

But when you find out how she got started with CrossFit, you’ll instantly recognize what we loved about her.

Cause when Angie started CrossFit, she couldn’t do a push up…not even on her knees.

Despite her athletic background, and all the hard work she had put in, she couldn’t do a single push up.

“I had some massive holes in my fitness” she said.

It’s common to realize you’re not great at something when you start a new fitness program, but your reaction to that is what ultimately determines your success.

Angie’s reaction was “I can’t do this, this is interesting! I wonder what else I can’t do

⌃ ⌃ ⌃ ⌃ THIS is what you’ll love about Angie.

She sees a challenge and runs TOWARDS it, not away from it.

In this episode of the Living Better Podcast, you get to meet Coach Angie and learn all about her path to Hale

Check it out.

In this episode you’ll learn:
– How she got started
– How she lost 13% body fat in 7 weeks while GAINING WEIGHT
– What she loves about coaching
– How nutrition coaching is about so much more than food

Angie is super inspirational, and there are many lessons to take from this one.

If you have questions for Angie, email her at angie@crossfithale.com.


Coach Jay

PS – Sorry in advance for the low level of my mic, usually I talk so much louder than the guests and have to turn it down. Not this time! 🙂

PPS Last week to sign up for the No Excuses Challenge! Get your name on the list today! We are having an in person kick off session at 7pm on Wednesday with Coach Angie.

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