Episode 50: The best shape of your life after 35?

Can you get into the best shape of your life after 35? We believe you can, and have hundreds of examples to prove it to you. Today we talk about some of those stories, and give you tips on how to get started.

Meet Mitch

Mitch likes titles (and has a lot of them): Doctor of Medicine degree from Emory University Mobility specialist (certified through The Ready State) and athletic performance specialist Mobility lead and coach at Hale Fitness Program Director for the Organ Preservation Alliance Director of Business Intelligence for Humanity Bio    Lucky for us, he uses these […]

Meet Jay

Hale Fitness (and Fortitude Fitness London) were founded by Jason Williams (Jay) and his lovely wife Tina. As a kid, he was inspired by pictures of Arnold in the fitness mags to ride his bike to the gym every morning before school at 4am to pump iron. Years of training like this didn’t leave him […]

Meet Mike

https://youtu.be/NGp7he520TM Mike was looking for a program that would allow him to improve his overall strength but keep his speed and agility. With a background in tennis, swimming, and soccer, Mike came to Hale Fitness as a fast and agile athlete. Having dabbled in powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and competitive kettlebells in the past he wanted […]

Meet Cullen

https://youtu.be/UmHZ2zQJ4F4 Look at the leaderboard on a given day, and you’ll likely see Cullen’s name somewhere near the top. When he trains, he moves at a different pace than everyone else. But he’s not a natural. Despite his athletic background, the path to success has NOT been easy.. From the beginning of his CrossFit Journey, […]

Meet Rebecca

Have you met Coach Rebecca? You know her has a badass athlete and coach, but she still gets super nervous: Before workouts Before she started CrossFit Before this interview (it took a lot of convincing) Fortunately for us, she didn’t let her nerves stop her from trying CrossFit, learning how to coach, and helping us […]

Meet Wendy

https://youtu.be/1i3wnHApxkE When Wendy joined Hale, she gained more than a gym membership. She gained an extended family, confidence, strength, and now as coach, has a job that she absolutely loves! Growing up, she played soccer for most of her middle school and high school years. After high school, she decided to try something new and […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 48 – Stay healthy without leaving the house.

This Monday marks 14 days since “shelter in place” began. Keep it up! It’s making a difference. Two weeks is long enough to force you to have to develop a new daily routine. When it comes to fitness, this means addressing four key areas: Training Nutrition Recovery (sleep) Stress management Nail these four and you […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 47 – Hale during Covid19

For this week’s announcements, Coach Heidi and Coach Jay recorded a podcast to talk about how we’re handling the COVID19 issue. For all active Hale members, we will be:– Open on a normal schedule unless it becomes unsafe or we’re told to close. We will continue to practice super safe hygene, wipe downs, social distancing, […]

Living Better Podcast – Ep 46 – What’s up in March 2020?

The Living better podcast is back for 2020, and we have a different format and theme. For our first episode of 2020, we are providing an update on our programs running throughout the month. Check it out and let us know what you think of the new format! If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe […]