Mitch likes titles (and has a lot of them):

  1. Doctor of Medicine degree from Emory University
  2. Mobility specialist (certified through The Ready State) and athletic performance specialist
  3. Mobility lead and coach at Hale Fitness
  4. Program Director for the Organ Preservation Alliance
  5. Director of Business Intelligence for Humanity Bio 


Lucky for us, he uses these titles to help us all move better and stay pain free. Mitch has the strong belief that people should not be dependent on a healthcare provider (PT, chiropractor, Acupuncturist, etc.) for mobility/musculoskeletal concerns unless absolutely necessary, and that they should be able to help themselves through a complete, basic approach and understanding.

Mitch often says, “Mobility: pain is bad, discomfort is expected”. He lives in San Francisco with his partner Ayushi and greatly enjoys working with others to develop personal, sustainable, mobility plans.

He’s published papers in research journals. He goes way above and beyond in order to get you moving pain free, and it spills over into his medical carreer:

  1. Home-Based fundamental approach to alleviate lower back pain using myofascial release, stretching, and spinal musculature strengthening during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  2. Novel Stretching and Strength-building exercise recommendations for computer-based workers during the COVID-19 quarantine.”
Wanna hear more about he can DELETE your pain? He was a guest over at our Get Strong, Lose Weight Podcast, where he talked about the simplest, best way to get rid of your pain, in just 2 easy steps!
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