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When Wendy joined Hale, she gained more than a gym membership. She gained an extended family, confidence, strength, and now as coach, has a job that she absolutely loves!

Growing up, she played soccer for most of her middle school and high school years. After high school, she decided to try something new and joined a globo-gym with her sister. It was during this time that she used to spend 2-3 hours at the gym, and still didn’t reach any of her goals. She wanted to lose body fat, and feel faster and athletic, but the long pacing and light weights weren’t getting her anywhere.

It was her sister that convinced her to try CrossFit Hale. She was little hesitant because it looked “hard core” and very intimidating but she absolutely loved CrossFit Hale from the moment she walked in!

Wendy learned about CrossFit and the roots of Hale Fitness and did our first workout during that visit. After that, it hit her: she simply was not in shape! Although that workout kicked her butt, she absolutely loved it and was hooked.

She found a whole new way of thinking about working out and training. When class was over she would stay and chat, make new friends, and work on skills like pull ups and double unders. Coming to the gym was the best part of her day. Little by little, she started to feel stronger and faster. She also dropped four percent body fat by learning how to eat better as well as move better.

Her education as a Hale Fitness member made coaching feel like a natural next step. Helping her fellow athletes get stronger, healthier, and helping them feel good about themselves through fitness is one of the best feelings for Wendy. She is loving every moment as a coach. She says joining the awesome community here is one of the best decisions she has made in her life.

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