What Hale Is All About

Have you ever said to yourself:

“I used to be in shape, how did I get here?”

“I ain’t stepping on that scale!”

“My back hurts, I need to wait for that to get better before starting anything”

“I’ll start next Monday…er…actually, I’ll start after my vacation”

Do you have a gym membership, but can’t remember the last time you made any progress (or showed up).

I’m Jay Williams, and I’ve been there and said ALL of those things.

You don’t like what you see in the mirror, you avoid the scale, and you keep telling yourself you’ll take care of your body eventually.

How long are you willing to wait?

I almost waited too long.

At 31 years old, I sat in the emergency room at Oakland Kaiser with chest pains, weighing 315 lbs and feeling like crap.

I used to be in shape, playing basketball and going to the gym all the time…but an injury ended my basketball career, and my job as a software engineer had me sitting behind a desk all day, eating too much burgers and pizza, and playing a few too many video games at night.

I sat in the ER thinking about all the signs I had been ignoring.

  • Feeling winded walking up stairs
  • Having a closet full of clothes that didn’t fit
  • Wearing extra layers in the heat to hide my body
  • Watching money go out of my account every month for a gym membership I never used
  • The back pain from sitting all day with an extra 100 lbs on my body


Ugh, how did I get here?

The ER doctor told me my chest pains were not heart problems, only stress. He also said I probably needed to lose some weight.

Wake up call!

Time to take care of your health!

I looked for every gym, boot camp, trainer and “transformation challenge” I could find waving a wad of cash and yelling “take my money! I need to lose 50 lbs!” 

Every program I tried led to failure, and made me feel worse and worse…


Because losing weight SUCKS! 

It’s hard to stay motivated when your goal is just a number on the scale. 

It was only when I found a program focused on getting stronger, faster, and using my body that I actually started losing weight!

My first day I couldn’t do a single pull up, push up, and my form was TERRIBLE.

But my coach looked beyond my flaws and focused on what I could do eventually if I just stuck with the program.

Focusing on what you can DO instead of what you need to LOSE makes fitness a lot more fun.

I kept showing up, and diet and exercise became training and nutrition.

It led me to.

  • Lose 100 lbs
  • Run a marathon (and half marathon)
  • Learn to swim and complete a triathlon
  • Finish 7 spartan races
  • Compete in a dozen “test of fitness” competitions (CrossFit, Olympic lifting, etc)
  • Go from zero pull ups to a 5 strict ring muscle ups

Most importantly, the newfound confidence made the rest of my life better.

My wife joined me on the journey and it led to us traveling the world, having two kids, becoming coaches, opening gyms in two continents, and consulting with other fitness businesses across the globe.

Since 2008, we’ve helped more than 2000 people completely transform their lives. 

We truly believe when you feel strong, capable, and confident, you can live a better life.

If you want to get strong, and lose weight, click below to meet with us and find out how.

Hale Fitness

Hale is a thriving group of motivated people who want to get strong, lose weight, learn new skills, and get results.

We believe when you feel strong, capable and confident, you live a better life. We do this by focusing on your results, education, and building a strong community of people who will support you.

Hale: The Gym

This is where you’ll get coaching on exercise and nutrition, with different workouts hitting every part of your body during our 60 min sessions throughout the week. You’ll be surrounded by amazing people who motivate you to get better every single day, and help you do things you’ve never tried before.

Hale: Results based coaching

Want to get strong? Lose weight? get a kick start?

Results-based coaching is the best place to start. You'll have a team of coaches dedicated to helping you achieve YOUR specific goal in 8 weeks.

If you want results, you don't need a cheerleader, you need a coach!

Online and in person coaching available.

What’s the best way to get access to these results?

Book a Free intro by clicking the button below

About Our Coaches

Rebecca Merino

Head Coach, Barbell Club Coach – AKA: The lifting dancer

When Rebecca started, she was SUPER nervous.

Nervous about lifting (she’d never done it before), then nervous before workouts, nervous before coaching….

You’d never guess when you watch her lift or coach that she has any fear at all!

Click here to read more

Wendy Medina

Sr. Coach, Nutrition Coach – AKA: DJ Shawendzzz

When Wendy joined Hale, she gained more than a gym membership. She gained an extended family, confidence, strength, and now as coach, has a job that she absolutely loves!

Growing up, she played soccer for most of her middle school and high school years. After high school, she decided to try something new and….

Click here to read more

Heidi Scharein

Sr Coach – AKA: Friend-Maker

In her younger years, Heidi’s idea of fitness was playing rugby as often as possible. She’d always been pretty active, but usually ignored everything else. As it turned out, five hours of sleep every night and an $80/mo burrito habit wouldn’t get the body of her dreams.

After a knee injury sidelined her from rugby, all the bad habits caught up with her…

Click here to read more

Mike Lee

Co Owner, Coach – AKA: Chief Nerd

Mike’s focus at Hale is about getting stronger and steady improvement. He is good at gymnastics movements such as pull ups and push ups.

Mike feels passionately about getting in an efficient workout – gaining lots of muscle and staying fast and athletic. Mike is also passionate about the Hale community.

Click here to read more

Jay Williams

Co-Owner, Founder – AKA: The Debator

Back when he found CrossFit in 2007, Jay was 315 lbs and couldn’t do a push up or a pull up.

Even though he used to be a decent athlete and enjoyed going to the gym, he got fat and sick after sitting behind a desk for so many years…he had to do something or he was headed to an early death….

Click here to read more



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