How to set meaningful goals – Episode 101

We all have things we want to achieve, and sometimes we fall short.

But what if that’s okay? What does it mean to have a meaningful goal? What if the whole point of losing weight is so that you can go play with your kids and enjoy life?

Our fav podcast moments so far! – Episode 100

Today we celebrate our 100th episode of the Hale Fitness podcast!

It’s been a wild ride, and we discuss our favorite gym moments, lessons we’ve learned, and share many laughs and talk about what’s to come!

The no.1 result people want from the gym – Episode 99

Everyone has their own reasons for going to the gym. Some people do it for mental health, others because they want to get strong and lose weight.

We interviewed 85 of our clients in 2 days, and got down to the real reason that they show up for themselves and as we found out throughout the course of the interviews, for each other.

You don’t have to be perfect to lose weight – Episode 98

If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world, right? Well It’s not, but it’s better if you never miss one!

The coaches go through all their reasons you don’t need to be perfect to get results, and even talk about the wonderful world of dessert pizza.

Why you aren’t losing weight – Episode 97

You’ve tried everything. Diets, working out, shakes, cleanses, the works; and you still step on the scale and ask….

“Why am I not losing weight?!?”

Don’t worry the gang has you covered. This week we talk about the ins and outs of weight loss, and some of the secrets we tell our clients to help them get strong and lose weight!

Make losing fat easy – Episode 96

What does losing weight look like to you? What have you tried that has worked for you?

The gang discuss what it actually means to lose fat, get strong and answer the questions “Why aren’t I losing weight?”

Struggle with food prep? Try this – Episode 95

Everyone hears food prep and gets scared. It’s not as hard as you think and it will get you far better results than winging it.

The coaches go over their thoughts on food prep, share some of their stories, and help save you some time, eat better, and be happier.

Mindset can kill your progress – Episode 94

You gotta protect your confidence.

No matter your definition of mindset, you must watch how you think. Ultimately, you are responsible for the way you perceive the world and how you behave in it is a reflection of that.

As coaches, our job is to help get you ‘unstuck’ and moving forward, nothing you set your mind to is impossible.

How we are going to crush 2023 – Episode 93

Everyone has something they strive to get or achieve.

As coaches, it’s our job to make sure that you are getting where you want to be with your goals. We’ve made a bunch of plans to help you and ourselves crush it this year.

So let’s go out and get it!

Starting 2023 off right – Episode 92

With 2023 already started, we got together and talked through some of the questions we got from our members around how to tackle January, and their new goals.