Heidi is the head coach of MissFit, and one of Hale’s most experienced and respected coaches and athletes. Like all of our coaches, she started as a member with some very specific goals and limitations.

Today we hear the story of her humble beginnings, losing 50 pounds and dealing with a variety of injuries to becoming an athlete and coach at Hale, and how she uses her experience to help coach people to amazing fitness results.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How a burrito and beer diet impacts your performance
  • Why losing weight wasn’t enough for Heidi
  • How Heidi got over her fear of injuring herself
  • How YOU can overcome fear in a class
  • The best part about being a coach (that has nothing to do with fitness)
  • Heidi’s best advice for new athletes

Links and Resources for this Episode

  • MissFit – Coach Heidi’s program at CrossFit Hale – click here
  • Grace (one of the benchmark workouts Heidi mentions) – click here
  • Spehar (Heidi’s toughest workout) – click here
  • The 12 Days of CrossFit (our favorite annual event) – click here

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Workout of the Day for 5-3-16


15 min amrap
2 muscle ups
200m run

Coaches Notes:

We will spend time going through muscle ups, with a focus on getting you to get your first one, or linking them together

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