CrossFit is too hard for most people.

Straight up…

Most people are not built for this.

It’s not the physical demands…Everyone can squat, deadlift, press, and move their bodies.

It’s the ego that takes the biggest beating

They can’t handle:

—> the reality they aren’t in the shape they used to be

—> Having a 65 year old gramma out lift them

—> Finishing dead last in a workout

—> Not being able to do a single push up or pull up

Whatever vision you have of yourself can get absolutely shattered in a 10 min workout.


The worst part?

This never changes….

The better you get and the longer you do it, the more humble you become.

(side note: this is also the BEST part)

So how do you avoid leaving the gym in a crumbled mess after every workout?

Find a way to WIN.

Winning doesn’t mean finishing fastest, lifting the most, or beating the person next to you.

It means setting yourself up for success in every workout.

In this week’s podcast, Coach Heidi and I discuss strategies to win every workout.

Coach “humbled daily” Jay

In this episode, you will learn:


  • Why finishing first is NOT the best plan
  • The three goals you must have before every workout
  • How to define success so you leave the gym happy
  • What to do when a workout terrifies you
  • Three strategies you can use in your next workout to win

We were fired up about this one, you won’t want to miss it.

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