When Priti gets nervous, she talks.

“Damn, that’s heavy”

“There’s a lot of running today”

“We’re doing squats again? After Monday? Are you serious right now?”

You can tell when she’s REALLY nervous about a workout, because she talks to herself.

“ok, you’ve got this”, “let’s go”, “one rep at a time”pritismile

One thing she never does….Make excuses.

Priti started at Hale in June of 2014 looking to get her body back after giving birth to her 3rd son.

Once she made the decision to try it, she was all in…despite how scary it was, how little experience she had with weights, or how she felt at the time.

After a month, she was hooked.

Two years later, she has completely changed her body and her life.

Recently she decided to start a teaching career, which meant a full time job AND night classes to get a credential on top of being a wife and mother of 3 sons…as well as maintaining her relationships with friends and extended family (she’s one of the most generous people you’ll ever meet)

On top of all this, she comes to Hale 4-5 days per week while maintaining the healthy eating habits she worked so hard to develop.

Ask her how she does it, she’ll say.

“If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen”

In this week’s Living Better Podcast, we dig into Priti’s story and find out more.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What life was like for Priti before she started
  • How the lessons learned training pushed her beyond the gym
  • The mindset it takes to get it all done

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Workout of the Day for 11-04-16


Daylight savings this Sunday, November 6th. Don’t forget to set your clocks back.

Guest Event weekend 8am and 9am. Saturday, November 12th and Sunday, November 13th.


Group coaching:

A. 1 mile run

B. 1 Rep Max Clean & Jerk


A. 21-15-9
KB swings
Push Ups
(8 min cap)

at 10 mins, start:
B. 15-12-9
Box jump overs
Ball Slams
(6 min cap)

at 20 mins, start
C. 12-9-6
Jumping Squats
(4 min cap)

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