Recently, Coach Heidi and Coach Jay finished our 10,000th burpee in 100 days.

100 burpees per day for 100 days.

It was part of a challenge…more of a bet, that both of us lost.

The bet was, can we hit PR’s on 4 different workouts back in July during our Hero challenge.

We agreed that if we didn’t hit PR’s on all 4, we would do 100 burpees per day until we did.

During the challenge, we hit exactly 1 PR between us, out of 8.heidiburpee

So the burpees began.

100 every day, before, during, after class, sometimes at midnight…sometimes we’d miss a day and have to do 200 the next day.

We retried a few workouts, and set a few more PR’s, but the burpees continued.

We wanted to quit several times, but neither one of us wanted to admit defeat in our goal of getting 4 PR’s.

So we kept trying, hitting one or two here and there, but always the burpees…every day the burpees.

It was all over with our completion of the final workout needed to satisfy the bet.

We learned a LOT about ourselves doing 100 burpees per day.

In this week’s podcast, we share the 6 lessons we learned, and how you can apply them to your training.

Things like

  • The easiest way to get through 100 burpees
  • How we learned to tie burpees to our training to produce more PR’s
  • How we used stakes to produce results
  • Why doing something in the gym every day can prevent injury
  • How we found consistency through burpees

Links and Resources for this Episode

  • Tiny Habits, by BJ Fogg – a simple way to make big change using tiny habits
  • Better Than Before – the best book on habits we’ve read, by Gretchen Rubin

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Workout of the Day for 10-21-16


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Find a Heavy 3RM Bench Press

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24 Bench Press @ 60% of above weight
60 Air Squats
32 Alternating Pistols


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