How is this fun?

At the end of each workout, we always ask “How was it?”

Someone almost always says “that was fun”, or the alternative “it was awful” while smiling. How can doing hundreds of push ups and lifting thousands of pounds for time be fun?coachcarry

Today, Coach Heidi and I answer that question, but more importantly the question of how and why it’s critical to have fun while you train.

A work out doesn’t have to be so much WORK…slogging on the elliptical while watching re-runs of law and order is not fun. Trying new things, playing games, and seeing progression is a lot more fun and gives you better results.

We explore this in today’s podcast.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What “flow” is and how you can achieve it during your workouts
  • Why the “worst” workouts are often the best ones (and the most fun)
  • The link between having fun and confidence
  • How working your weaknesses can be more fun than working on your strengths
  • 5 Steps you take each day to have more fun in your workouts

Links and Resources for this Episode

  • Fun in a workout an american Ninja Warrior in a T-rex costume – click here
  • Flow – book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – click here
  • The Rise of Superman – another great book on Flow – click here

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