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In this episode, Hale coach Larry shares how he found CrossFit, why he loves coaching and what he’s working on outside the gym. 

Man of Mystery

You know him as Coach Larry, one of your Hale trainers dedicated to making you better one cue, one no-rep, one high-five at a time. Coach Jay calls him the “Man of Mystery.”

But mystery no more! 

In today’s episode of the Living Better Podcast, Coach Larry shares his first CrossFit experience, 50 wall-ball shots for time—”After wall ball number five I felt like I was gonna die already,” he said—his career as a scientist outside of the gym, and why he loves coaching. 

“I just wanted to give back; seeing how the program changes lives and improves lives, and I wanted to sort of share that with others and be that somebody who changes somebody’s life for the better and improves them.”

Listen to the rest of Coach Larry’s story in Episode 42 of the Living Better Podcast.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How CrossFit helps Coach Larry try and conquer new things in and outside the gym.
  • Why he decided to become a coach, despite having another full-time job.
  • The secret to the six-pack abs in the movie “300.”

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