When I first met Mike we were 18, and he fit the picture I had in my mind of an engineering student during freshmen year of UC Berkeley.

He was super skinny, had really long hair cut exactly like Bruce Lee, and slept on Star Wars bed sheets.’

He had moved in next door to me, and the first thing he said was “want something to eat?”

My first thought was “I like this guy!”

If you’ve met Mike, he’s probably offered you food at some point.

In fact, he’s the one responsible for all the snacks and fruit that keeps showing up at the gym.

But besides getting food, coaching, advice, or watching him run past you on a workout, do you know anything about him?

Like, did you know he used to weigh almost 200 lbs?

Seriously! Check it out!

Or that when he started taking fitness seriously, he dropped to a waif-like 140 lbs?

Little is known about the man who runs things behind the scenes.

Today we change all that.

Today we meet Mike, coach, father, amazing athlete, and co-owner of Hale.

You will learn:
– Mike’s career path that led him to coaching at Hale
– His journey to a “puffy” 190 lbs
– His rebound to a “skinny” 140 lbs
– How he approaching fitness and what his goals are NOW
– His no 1 tip for getting the most out of your training.

We talk a lot about the journey to losing weight, but Mike’s journey to try and GAIN weight was much harder.

Learn how he did it.

His story gives you so many knowledge bombs, you won’t want to miss it.

Check it out

Coach Jay

PS – Got questions for Mike? Email us and let us know!

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