⌃⌃⌃ This subject line seems like a joke.

You’re thinking:

Even if it’s true, it’s gotta be an extreme starvation diet, or the result of surgery or pills.


Just do the basic stuff well over time, and you WILL get results.

This is what makes Kim’s story so amazing.

She has legitimately lost almost 100 lbs in 8 months at CrossFit Hale doing 3 things.

1) Showing up (3-4x per week)

2) Eating REAL FOOD every day (not starving)

3) Getting enough rest to do it again the next day

There were no special tricks, pills, or powders..she just followed three basic rules that changed everything.

But what is truly inspiring about Kim is the mindset she had to develop to get started and keep showing up in those early days.

When you feel like the biggest person in the room and everyone looks like an olympic athlete in your eyes, it is DAMN hard to show up for the next session.

This week’s Living Better podcast is all about Kim

There are lessons to be learned all over about motivation, overcoming fear, staying consistant, trusting the process, and believing in yourself.

I could write all day about it, but she tells it better than I ever could.

Go listen NOW

Coach “inspired” Jay

PS – This one got me in the feels…Ol Coach Jay was close to tears a few times as she told her story.

PPS – How did Kim get started?

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Bulgarian Squat


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400m run
Max rope climbs

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