When people first walk into the gym, they always have a goal.

“I want to get fit”

“I need to get strong”

“I’ve got a wedding coming up, and I want to look good”

Those goals are a great place to start, and often we can use that initial motivation to achieve amazing things…but what happens when you get there? The hope is that you have used those goals to develop great habits that will stick with you long after the goal is reached and the motivation dies down.

Today we talk about goals and habits, and how to leverage your motivation to develop lifelong change.

In this episode, you will learn:


  • The main difference between a goal and a habit
  • Why relying on motivation and discipline are not good long term strategies
  • How to use motivation to your advantage when it does arrive (and not lose the advantage when it’s gone)
  • How to break up a bad habit and turn it into a good one
  • How you can change ANY habit by attaching it to something you already do
  • The power of structure

Links and Resources for this Episode

Thank you for listening

  • The power of Habit – by Charles Duhigg – click here
  • Stanford researcher BJ Fogg’s research on tiny habits – click here
  • My favorite book on habits – Better than Before – Gretchen Rubin – click here

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Workout of the Day:

strict overhead press
strict pull up

Workout of the Day:
20 min every min on the min of:

first min
5 strict overhead press (115/75)

second min
5 strict pull ups

Coaches’ notes:
Change the strict press weight as needed, you should be able to complete the 5 reps unbroken for at least the first 5 rounds. It should be heavy but not impossible


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