With Coach Tina a few months away from giving birth, one of the questions she gets often is.

Should I work out while pregnant?

When people see pregnant ladies lifting or carrying things, it’s common for them to say:

“Is that safe?”tinapregnant

“Should she be doing that?”

“That’s heavy! Let me help you with that!”

Look at any instagram photo of pregnant ladies doing CrossFit. The comments will be filled with exclamations of

“oh no! she’ll hurt the baby!”
“That’s not safe!”
“xyz research says: you shouldn’t do that!!!”

Pregnant ladies are not delicate flowers!

What’s the alternative? Sit around and do nothing for 9 months?

Assuming a healthy pregnancy and doctor’s clearance, it’s better to move than not to move while pregnant.

In this week’s podcast, Coach Tina talks about why and how she still trains hard at Hale, and how things have changed since pregnancy.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Examples of ladies at Hale who have successfully trained during pregnancy
  • How your body changes during pregnancy early on, and how to adapt training
  • Why it’s not a good idea to start Crossfit while pregnant, if you’ve never done it before
  • The benefits of keeping moving while pregnant
  • How to train during each trimester

Links and Resources for this Episode

  • Tina’s first podcast about pregnancy – click here
  • A great article about training while pregnant – click here

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Workout of the Day for 2-8-16

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Front Squat
10 – 10 – 7 – 7 – 5 – 5 – 5

Then, for time
25 squat cleans
adv – 185/125
int – 135/95
beg – 95/65

5 min cut off

Coaches Notes:
Start low and work your way up on the front squat.

For the squat clean, pick a weight that will be a challenge for you if the suggested weights don’t work for you

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