The 12 Days of Fitness…

It’s time! We’re just a few weeks out from the most fun and challenging event of the year! The 12 Days of Fitness! (Formerly known as the “12 Days of CrossFit”). What: 12 benchmark workouts over the course of 12 days. There will be some you’ve done before and some you haven’t. Your only goal […]

Athlete Skill Levels & Progress Check-In How do you know if your fitness program is working? Most people just show up and “work out”, following a routine from on the internet or just doing what the instructor in their class says. As long as you get your “sweat on”, you feel like you’re doing something. What’s the bigger plan? Are […]

Will CrossFit Make Me Bulky?

Maybe…here’s a step-by-step on how: Train 6 hours each day Eat 4000 calories worth of egg whites, broccoli, and protein shakes Hook yourself up to a steroid drip And tack on a few hundred bicep curls for good measure. There you go! Bulky and swole in 6 weeks! Do you think you just touch a few […]