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Feeling out of shape?

Everything changed after the pandemic, now you’re starting to ask:

You can get to be in great shape at any age because when you feel strong, capable, and confident, you live a better life.

Now is the time to get into the best shape of your life

Do you feel out of shape and overworked? Do you find yourself searching for the right workout, wasting money on boot camps, personal trainers, and diets that don’t work? 

We started Hale Fitness to make it easier for any motivated person to get noticeable results.

Over the last 10 years, our team has helped over 9,000 people get stronger, lose weight, and do things in the gym they haven’t done since they were kids and we can do the same for you!

Make your workout work for you

Stop feeling lost

You’ll get a custom workout and eating plan based on your goals so you can see faster results on the scale and in the gym

Fit it into your life

You’ll get an experienced Personal Coach to set your plan, work it around your schedule, and make changes if you get stuck

Get strong safely

Every workout is guided by experts in movement to make sure your form is correct and the weights you use are safe and effective

How to get started

Step 1: Apply now

Fill out a short application with your goals and challenges, then schedule a session with a coach to see if you are a good fit for the program

Step 2: Plan of attack

We’ll make a custom plan and work together to make it happen. You’ll have all your workouts, eating, and recovery handled so that you always know what to do and when

Step 3: Get strong, lose weight, feel great

You’ll finally have the formula to get in great shape for good, so you can show up as your best self at work and at home

Over 150 5-star reviews


"Invest in your health"

I've never liked working out in gyms because the atmosphere and the type of people it attracts just isn't my thing.

Hale has personal 1:1 training, nutrition coaching (which will completely change your relationship to food!), and your personal limitations and fitness level is taken into account..
Woman lifting weights
Leah G

"I lost 50 lbs"

I have never enjoyed lifting weights, running, or any of the stuff that we do at Hale prior to joining. I had tried various fitness and CrossFit gyms in the past and always hated it.

Every member of the staff at Hale has been supportive and positive as I work my way back into shape.

I lost 50lbs and no longer make "Dad noises" when I get up off the floor.
Willie and daughter
Willie L
El Cerrito

"No more meds"

59 years old, arthritis, no exercise routine. That was me 6 months ago.

Now I am bench pressing, rowing, running, hanging from bars and seeing results.

No more daily meds, lost 20 pounds, actually don't need a new mattress because my back doesn't hurt anymore.

The staff is wonderful and accommodating
Pam J, 59 years old smiling
Pam M

What You Get With Us

Custom Plan

Never be confused about what to do again. Just show up and let your coach take care of the rest so that you get results in less time

Form Coaching

Learn to lift weights and move safely with guidance on exercise form. Get stronger without getting injured

Daily Workouts

Get stronger, improve cardio, be more flexible, and move like you did when you were a kid… all in the same program

Personal Coach

Work with an expert who’s #1 job is to help you get to your goal. Make it impossible to fail!

Private Gym

You’ll have space, feel safe, find parking, and never wait for equipment

Nutrition plan

You’ll get an eating plan based on what already works for YOU. You can still eat your favorite foods so that your plan is sustainable long term

Veteran Coaches

Our coaches specialize in weight-lifting, endurance, gymnastics, strength, kettlebells, menopause, postpartum recovery, and eating disorders

Pain & Injury Coach

If you have back, knee, foot, or neck issues, your coach will show you how to fix the pain and give you exercises to make sure it never happens again


Our clients are adults with jobs, kids, and busy schedules. There are no Instagram models, bodybuilders, or mirrors here. You’ll be welcomed, supported, and cheered on without being judged

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