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We are HIRING two full time coaches!


Please read the description and pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the instructions at the bottom.


We are looking to bring on 2 coaches to join our team of 8 in a full time capacity by supporting our coaching team in handling 1:1 coaching, small groups, and online coaching support.


This person will be working with a lot of clients with various health and fitness needs, from weight loss to strength gains, injury recovery, and competition/sport


If you happen to possess the skills and personality traits we are looking for, this very well may be your dream job…




This is an opportunity to…


– Be a part of a fun, FAST growing team environment

– Work with motivated clients with diverse backgrounds

– Get personal mentorship from some of the best coaches in the world

– Get paid to learn (and teach) our systems and strategies

– Lead, coach, and help people make massive shifts in their lives

– Travel to fun destinations with the team (we hope… haha)

– And make over 45-90k while you’re at it (when full time)


But before we go further, I have a WARNING

▪️ This is not a “sippin’ Mai Thais on the beach” type of job

▪️ We move fast and there will be late nights, early mornings, and weekends.

▪️ You will have to face fears and discomfort… ALL THE TIME

▪️ You may have to put your ego and personal desires aside to focus on a bigger mission

▪️ I am demanding and hold our team to the HIGHEST of expectations to SHOW UP. We will push you.

▪️ You can never let whatever is going on in your life get in the way of our #1 Priority: helping our clients.


But, if you are willing to do the work, get uncomfortable, and always push for a mission bigger than yourself, this might be the role of a lifetime.




– Must have a desire and love of learning, and can learn FAST… like REALLY FAST.

– HIGHLY motivated to serve others and be a part of something bigger

– Someone who is coachable…SEEKS and implements feedback

– Must have TOP level communication and listening skills

– A grounded and detail oriented person who shows up no matter what

– COMMITTED to do what it takes and be 100% in

– Willing to get uncomfortable on a daily basis, not afraid to fail (and hold our clients to the same standard)

– Must be positive and optimistic (no negative Nancy’s)

– Past coaching experience a plus, but NOT required. We will train you to be a good coach if you are the right person. (we prefer people without a bunch of bad habits to learn)




– 1:1 coaching with our clients focused on getting results.

– Leading small and large group fitness training

– Coaching on nutrition, movement, and mobility

– Engaging with and supporting our community through email, text, and Facebook

– Part time as you get trained and ramp up your client list

– Compensation: Part time for first 30-60 days with opportunity to go full time over the following months – $45-90k+/yr once fully ramped up.


If interested please carefully follow the instructions below.


(And if you know anyone please forward them this email and introduce them to me over email (we will give you a $250 referral if we hire them!)


Applicants please create a 3-5 min video (no more, no less) posted to YouTube as an “unlisted” video, answering these 3 questions:


1) What are 3 reasons you are the perfect person for this role

2) What excites you about this position?

3) What are you most grateful for in your life?


Will need all applicants to send in the link to the youtube video to before the end of day at 5pm PST on Friday 5/6.


(We give very specific instructions here for a reason 😉… please make sure you follow them if you are interested!)

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