Episode 73 – Am I eating enough?

Are you eating enough? Seems like a silly question, but a big part of why you aren’t losing the weight you should be losing is because you aren’t eating enough!

In this episode, coach Heidi and Coach Jay go over the nutrition basics that will make you feel great in the long run, lose weight in the short run, and will help you understand how your body works a bit better.

Episode 72 – All data, no drama

Have you ever said, “Everybody does this” or something to that effect? Ever just had a gut feeling that you knew was right? Much like in business, data doesn’t lie.

Coach Jay talks about his approach to how he looks at progress accross his businesses and his fitness journey and how he reccomends his clients look through their results.

Episode 71 – Our Origin Story

Where did we come from? Why do we do what we do?

We’ve helped over 7,000 people get strong and lose weight. because we do believe that when you are strong, capable and confident, you live a better life!

Coach Jay tells his very personal story of how this all started and what it means to him to be the owner of 2 gyms that helped so many people live a better life.

Episode 70 – A new way to set goals

We all have something we want to strive for and acomplish.

In todays episode, Coach Jay talks about goal setting and the power of the WOOP mind set when it comes to goal setting!

Episode 69 – How my ego held me back at the gym

Everyone has different struggles to hit the gym.

I struggled with my ego and thinking that I was in better shape that I was, until I was humbled and learned from my own short comings and used it to drive myself forward.

Episode 66 – How to stay motivated

Coach Jay talks MOTIVATION and how to keep going or even getting started. Coach D is in the copilot seat, talking about her challenges quitting smoking!

Episode 65 – Going all in

Going all in can be one of the hardest things you do when striving to do something great.

But with greatness, comes great sacrifice.

In this episode, Coach Jay talks about keeping your head down and keep going on the grind. The importance of it, and ways in which you can see the way you progress and do things for the better.

Episode 64 – How to make your fitness habit, addictive.

Even coaches know the struggles of getting started! Specially when it doesn’t feel good. Is there a way to make this whole process better? Easier? More pleasureable?

In this special episode, Coach Jay talks about the power of celebration and how to make your fitness habit, or hell, any habit, addictive.