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It’s time! We’re just a few weeks out from the most fun and challenging event of the year! The 12 Days of Fitness! (Formerly known as the “12 Days of CrossFit”).

What: 12 benchmark workouts over the course of 12 days. There will be some you’ve done before and some you haven’t. Your only goal is to show up EVERY DAY with a positive attitude and do your best! Rx, scaled matters not. PRs are secondary (masked PR, woohoo!?). Just show up.

Why: Well, because it’s a tradition AND it’s an excellent way to do hard things (and succeed!) with your Hale community.

When: Monday, 12/7 – Friday 12/18

How: This one is trickier! It’s a touchy subject to bring people together in the midst of this pandemic, but with a little planning, we’re confident that we can stay safe AND have fun. Here are some details.

Summary/spoiler alert. We are taking PRE-REGISTRATION! We are hoping that some of you can be flexible in your class timing (i.e. 7am instead of 5:45am) so the WHOLE community can do these workouts together.

First plug: go fill out this form by end of day on Friday, November 25th.

  • Monday through Friday classes will still be capped at 12. We may have space on the waitlist at some point, but this will be bonus if it happens. Our primary concern is safety for all.
  • Our second biggest concern (as coaches) is that we want EVERYONE to be able to participate, so we need YOUR help with planning ahead. 
  • To plan capacity, we’re going to run pre-enrollment. Details below on why and how.
  • By planning ahead, on both ends, we hope you’ll be able to join us for all 12 workouts.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • For the 12 Days ONLY (12/7-12/18) we will have weekday classes (M-F) at the following times:
    • 5:45am
    • 7am
    • 9:30am
    • Noon
    • 4:30pm
    • 5:45pm
    • 7:00pm
  • Each day will be a different workout.
  • Weekend classes TBA, but plan for heats on Saturday (and hope for sunshine) and a track/park workout on Sunday morning.
  • We will have an online presence as well, so please still fill out the survey if that’s your jam! 
  • All class times will do the fully programmed version of the workout; “Metcon” class times will run closer to the full hour.
  • You’ll sign up (in link below) for ONE class time. We will sign you in for ALL 12 DAYS at that time. Yes, you can exception manage later.

Why are we running it this way?

  • We want to alleviate worries about trying to plan your classes and stress about not getting in off the waitlist.
  • If all of us plan ahead (and be flexible where able), MORE of your friends can complete the 12 days if they do NOT have flexible schedules.
  • If, during pre-registration, we are STILL over our 12 person cap, we’ll reach out to you to try to find a solution. We hope to have a little wiggle room for you to exception manage your schedule closer to the date.

Here’s what I need from YOU for this to run smoothly:

  • Fill out this Google form by end of day on Friday, November 25th. 
  • If you intend to complete the 12 days ONLY online, please note this, too. You’re important to us too, so we’ll be revisiting a way to make sure you’re included!
  • Sign up for one time only. Again, if you can be flexible to attend 7am/7pm/another class time, please sign up for that secondary class. I’ve included a notes field if you want to provide some extra info.  
  • WE will register you for the 12 classes by Wednesday, December 2nd. Please DO NOT register for your own classes from 12/7 to 12/18.
  • Once we’ve completed pre-registration, I’ll send out a note and you can exception manage your dates.
  • If you fail to pre-register for ANY time, you will be on your own to scrap together classes from whatever is left. PLEASE SIGN UP!
  • As we learn more, we will adjust and respond to changing demand as able. This might mean extra open gym time or similar.

Thanks for being flexible! Bring on the holiday cheer! And go fill out this form NO LATER THAN Friday, November 25th.

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